Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sorry the video is sideways, I have a habit of taping it the wrong way. This is Justin singing and to Blues Clues. (notice his notebook and pencil!). I love at the end how he just stops completely! Oh and a helpful tip, scroll down to the bottom of our page and pause the music so you can hear these.

Okay to explain this one, Justin has a play fishing pole that he plays with in the tub, and he is pretending to catch me with it, sooo I am doing a lot of squeaking and hollerin which Addi just thought was hilarious. Sorry I am soooooo loud in the back round.

T-Rex and Ladybug

This year Justin dressed up as a T-Rex, if anyone doesn't know, Justin's... umm infatuation, is dinosaurs! He loves them, anything about them, he absolutley loves! Anyways, Addison was a Ladybug, but I called her a Lovebug because of the hearts on her costume. We went trunk or treating and then to a few houses on Grandma and Grandpa's street and got a bunch of candy, Justin was lovin it! Daddy even decided to get a little dressed up.

Trunk or Treating with the 2 wards in Roswell, but lots of people came... and needless to say we ran out of candy fast!

Ready for some candy!

I love his cheese face!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

So here are a few pictures of us getting ready for Halloween.

Justin got to us markers and stickers on his pumpkin (which is why he's shirtless:)). He was so proud of his work.
From left to right: Josh's, Addi's (which daddy did), Justin's, and mine.