Thursday, October 7, 2010


Justin started Pre-school on August 16, (I know, I'm a little late posting). I was sooo nervous for him and I was worrying about all the little things, however I put on a pretty good face, so that he wouldn't be nervous. He did great walked right into his class room without even saying goodbye, I made him come back to give Josh and I a love, he turned right back around and went in with No problems. Mom was WAY more nervous then he was! We went to the other door to watch for a minute. Justin walked to where the other kids were grabbed a book and sat down to read, and we left. I was so anxious to pick him up, to find out how his day was, when he got in the car I asked a bunch of questions and all got out of him were ya's and uh-hu's. I asked him if he made friends and he said "ya mom, but sorry I don't know their names." I told him it was ok and that he'd learn them. I finally learned the names of the kids in his class by asking him who got their name on the board that day. I've learned that Justins little friend Cristian, who he sits with at lunch at plays with almost every day at recess, is Spanish speaking only. Its neat to think that they can play and not have a problem because they speak different languages. Anyways, he is doing great in school, his teacher says that she will start teaching him and a hand ful of other kids how to read in January. I cant believe my little boy is growing up so fast! We are so proud of him and we love him so much!
All ready for his first day of school!

Mom having a hard time letting go.
You can see that he is getting a little more nervous here, but he didn't show it. This is right outside of his classroom.
He looks a little upset in this picture because he saw me before his teacher did and took off running towards our car, she had to run and grab him, and he pointed to me and told her. So this is her, I'm sure, lecturing him not to run off.

We decided to make a tradition to take the kids to whatever restaurant they want to go to, Justin wanted McDonalds. PS Notice the UFO/ astronaut toys in the background.