Monday, May 26, 2008

27... WOW...

May 21 was Josh's Birthday. He hit the big 27. Justin and Daddy opening presents

Daddy blowing out the candles(Justin helping)
Justin, Mommy, and Daddy
Jessi and Josh

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heat Wave for the Weekend

Ok, so Jessi thursday night decides to make cookies. We were in the other room watching TV, and all of a sudden we look at each other and listen, it was definately way to quiet. We went in the kitchen and look what we found Justin doing. He had pulled down the cookie dough and was eating it as fast as he could. We laughed pretty hard.

We had been wanting to go to the duck pond in Boise to feed the ducks and geese.(something we did a lot last year when we lived in Boise) It was a lot of fun. these are the most fearless geese you will ever meet.

Justin wanted to pet the baby geese. (click on to enlarge to see the baby geese)--->

It was a hot weekend, so we broke out the kiddie pool. and put the slide in it. Justin loved every minute of it. We had to pry him away just to eat some dinner.

Yes that is a raft turned Kiddie pool. it worked great.

Who says you can't relax in the tub in a pool. "This is the life."

After a long weekend, and no nap on sunday, he Crashed , and he crashed hard.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So Jessi heard something going on in the kitchen. and this is what she caught Justin doing, all by himself. So she was sneaky and got a pic of it. oh and that sponge was on the other side of the counter. which means he had to climb up the chair, over the counter, and then back to do this. what a good little cleaner. jessi has taught him well.

MMMMMMM......... Popsicle
So whoever dosn't know yet, Justin has an obsession with the movie "Cars" . actually it more than that. he carries his "Lightning McQueen" car around from the moment he wakes to sleep. and then even wants to sleep with it. if you cant see all the stuff there is as follows: PJs, 3 cars, movies, book, socks, a cheap toy camera, and a smile that says it all.
PJ's with a couple of cars.
Justins plumbers diaper and Daddy digging in Mommy's flower bed making a race track for the cars. (shhhhh......don't tell Jessi.)

Friday, May 2, 2008


So we made a few things out of playdoh last week. if your can't tell what they are, there is a basketball, Lightning McQueen from Cars(Justins new obsession), a Pacifier(trying to break him of it), Justins Teddy bear, and the guy on the end is Josh(totally Jessi's doing). We had a lot of fun. Justin like smashing the playdoh.