Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our little monkey

When ever Josh goes out in the garage Justin likes to go out with him, and well Justin figured out how to get into the car without dad knowing. To make a long story short he was climbing up the side of our durango and through the window. he wouldn't show us how he did it, until we wore him down. (so Josh had to get him up the first bit, cause he wouldn't show us.)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update 6/20/09

Well since everyone has been hounding us to update, here are some pics. We have had an eventfull couple of weeks. #1 Justin and Jessi were playing around and Justin slipped and smacked his face into the kitchen chair, as a result....blackeye! #2 Then 2 days later we were at best buy walking around, and Justin smacked his face into a movie stand and scratched his other eye. #3 This last wednesday we were getting back from running errands and Justin descided to put his fingers into the car door as mommy was closing it. And yes the door closed all the way smashing four fingers. Luckly non were broken and all were ONLY bruised. #4 Then today Justin was climbing on the couch and bonked heads with Addison pretty hard making her cry a while. Needless to say our son is very accident prone, and has a very hard head. Again luckly no hospital this time. yea!!!

We went to a dairy days parade in Meridian in the rain. and made out like bandits. we got tons of candy, string cheese, and ice cream. Despite the rain it was fun.

The Budwieser Clydesdales were in the parade, so that was kinda cool to see

Josh and Justin getting candy, we filled both Josh's cargo pockets on his shorts.

Justin and Addison

Theres that happy face
Justin holding Addison

Addison and Justin getting ready for bed with a candid moment.


Dad popped Justins pool (on accident)so all we had on this hot day was the ol' kiddy pool.

Since we are moving, Justin and Daddy(more daddy) descide to dig a hole to play with the Dump trucks and tractors in. Just a little one.

Justins shinner(this is the day of, it did get nice and dark later)

you have to have a pic of this with each kid.

Baby Addison Ahhhhh......(and Jessi's been making all of her little bracelets, and doing a great job at it)