Monday, September 1, 2008

Jessi's 24th Birthday

Jessi and her french silk pie(bithday cake)
We ran out of candles, so we used Justins #2 candle and 4 toothpicks(we so smart)
Just the three of us
Mama and Justin
Mama and Justin again.

Little kid waterpark

we found this little kids waterpark, and the best part is, its really cheap. but its a lot af fun. the deapest section is 4 ft. and the rest is 1- 1 1/2 ft.

Justin and Dad
Playing in the fountain
Learning to swim
Daddy Justin and Mama
This is what the park looks like

Justins birthday

he loved getting any kind of cars.
justins first bike
he dosn't like Cars does he
Great Grampa Hinks helping justin ride his new bike
Mater and Justin

I'm a cowboy
A big truck
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ............... Chocolate!!!!!!!
He loves motorcycles(but is scared to get on them)
I'm a cool dude

The fair

This is how everyone cooled off. it was great
Justin really liked the cows, and that sucker
he wasn't too sure about the carousel, but at the end, he loved it.
he really liked the farriswheel.
He won a nemo fish with this game.