Friday, July 30, 2010

Idaho part 2

While in Idaho Falls spending time with my mom, we celebrated the 4th of July. Idaho Falls has a fantastic firework show that I love to go see, and they also have a parade that morning. So between the parade, our family BBQ, and the firework show, and then our own little firework show, it was a long day and the kids were exhausted! But we had a great time!

Addi bundled at the parade. It was a little chilly to start, but warmed up quickly!

Justin and Corbyn patiently waiting for the floats

2 of my sisters, Ashli and Candice
oh, my goodness, it's a picture of Josh and I together! We have very few of these now that we have kids! :)

Addi all decked out in her patriotic colors!

I couldn't get Justin to take off his jacket, but he too was also patriotic.

Us before the fireworks started.

Addi wasn't too sure about the fireworks... she was very intrigued, but also scared. She would go back and forth between Josh and I, and would bury her head into our chests, but then she would turn to watch until there was a loud one. She finally gave up and fell asleep. Justin just sat with us watching, but right before it ended, he asked me if he could go to sleep, and when I asked him uh oh are you tired? He said no it's just LOUD! I told him that I would cover his ears. He watched for a few minutes like that... then fell asleep.
We also got to go to Heise, a swimming pool that I grew up going to, so I wanted to take my kids there. We had a picnic before we went swimming.

It took some convincing, but Justin went down the slide with Daddy, and he LOVED it! They went several times before Justin finally gave up because he was cold.

Addi and I taking a break between pools!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Idaho Trip (Part 1)

We were able to go to Idaho for about 10 days, it was sooo fun and soo good to see everyone, it was REALLY hard for ME to come home. While we were in Swan Valley, we got to see Papa Chuck put some chips in the fish. (he works for fish and game). The kids thought it was pretty cool to watch him, and they even got to touch the fish. We also got to see some of the extended Family at a Family BBQ, and we got to eat at my favorite Restuarant... The good ol' Angus Cafe, mmmmm.... I'm starting to crave it again!

Papa Chuck, chipping the fish.

Justin getting brave to touch the fish.

Cousin Corbyn helping Addi touch them.

Watching the bucket full of fish swimming around!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

Josh and I celebrated our 5th wedding Anniversary on June 4. When Josh got home from work he asked me what I wanted to do ie: go out to eat, see a movie or what. Jokingly I said lets go to Las Cruces, to that Josh said I'd rather go to Ruidoso... OK!!! Josh got on line to get a room while I packed our bags. With everything that had happened the last month we decided that we all deserved it, so the kids came with us! We were out of the house within an hour from when Josh got home!
While in Ruidoso, we swam in the pool at the hotel, we walked the streets and went into the shops, and we went to ride the go karts, and bumper boats. It was a lot of fun and VERY much needed!
Justin and Daddy in the pool.

The water was freezing, so that's as far as I got!

Justin and Daddy riding the go karts!

Addi crashed!

Justin and Daddy coming to cool me off, it was so hot!

Justin after the Bumper boats, he was soaked and we didn't have any towels or extra clothes. Next time we'll come more prepared!