Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas!!

Well I decided that I better get do a post before Christmas, so here are a few pictures of us getting ready! Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!

We decided to get some new stockings, and every year we will buy a new patch to put on them. This year Justin got a Lightning MaQueen patch and Addi got ladybugs.

A tradition that we did as kids... Advent calendars.

Santa came to visit our ward, We couldn't get Justin to go see him but he still got some candy. Addison just woke up so we ran up to Santa before he left so we could get a picture of her with him for her first Christmas.

Roswell had a light parade, there weren't very many and it wasn't very long but I love looking at Christmas lights so I thought that it was worth it:)! This was the best one!

We got our Christmas decorations out the weekend after Thanksgiving... I couldn't wait!!!

Justin with his new ornament... yes a dinosaur!

Addi with her first Christmas ornament.

Every Year Justin helps with the star.

The finished tree

Two of the cutest kids in their Church clothes.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It Snowed

It Snowed!!!.............. In Roswell NM.............. we got about 3 inches of snow and it has lasted about 4 days on the ground so far. It has actually been freezing here. Last Saturday night it was 10 degrees at 11 at night when we got out of walmart. Brrrrrr.(keep in mind thats Cold for here. not like up in Idaho.)

So the fist pic is of Josh, Justin and Addison, and Bolt. That was our new dog that followed us hom last friday and stayed with us for the weekend. he is a siberian husky and we think white german shepard mix he was a REALLY good dog, but unfortunatly, the owners wanted him back(well sort of, they didn't even know he was gone until late saturday night and he got out thursday night. And well thats a whole nother story.) anyhoo... Jessi and the kids went to the park just around the corner from our house and played in the snow, it was on my lunch hour so i got to play for a minute.

Addi was freezing and Justin couldn't get enough
Weeeeeeeeeeee. "Again Mom"
Isn't Addi Adorable
Justin all bundled up ready for fun in the Snow.