Tuesday, February 10, 2009

very random pics

Since we have not updated our blog in so long, here is a nutshell of pics. oh yeah and for those who don not know, we found out what we are having. ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! We are very excited. Jessi is doing well, its kind of a day by day challange on how she's going to feel. One day she's nausiated and the next its all good. Justin is warming up to the idea of being a big brother more and more.

This was a snow day we had back in december.
We took Justin to the park and he did not want to leave. when it comes to slides he is fearless. most of the time his feet are going down before his bum even gets close to landing on the slide.

he'd rather eat the crackers than feed the ducks.

Our little Handy Manny

YUM CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chistmas 2008

So...... its been a really long time since we have updated our blog and so here are some catch up pictures..... of Christmas.

This is christmas eve, Justin opened up his PJs present. Growing up, Jessi always got PJs for christmas eve, so we want to continue that tradition.

and well........, he got Cars Slipper and Cars PJs

This is at Jessi's moms house, we got snowed in on christmas day. yea.

The big thing this year for Justin was Dinosaurs. he loves them. we go to the Library and he has to get dino books every time. he knows quite a few of the names and can desribe them now. we like to quiz him on it all the time. he does a pretty good job.

this is a little kitchen that we got for him, because he allways wants to help us cook.