Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot Chocolate and Addis first hair cut

The only snow fall that we had, mom had the brilliant idea to go and get hot Cocoa and a treat...Yummy!

Justin enjoying his hot cocoa and M&Ms

Addi's hot cocoa and M&Ms

So we decided to have our friend Ashley cut Addis hair, it wasn't very long but it was really uneven so, she just evened it out. I wish I would've taken a before and after picture, but oh well. Addi did great she just had fun squirting herself and everyone else with the squirt bottle.

Our favortie hair stylist!! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catching up time! Christmas 2010

Justin opening his Christmas Eve Pj's, Santa on rockets and his toy story slippers, a tradition that took place when I was a kid.Addi's Kitty Pj's and Princess slippers.
Stockings are a big tradition in my family as well, and it is my favorite part, however we get 4 stockings a piece, most of them sent from my family in Idaho, so it takes a while to get through them all, we love it though!
Justin diving right in and loving his"How to Train Your Dragon" sword!
Morning bed head!! Addi is such a girlie girl hence the my little pony, little mermaid, and necklaces.
Iron Man! Notice all the dinosaur stuff in the back.
Addi sitting on her legos reading her new books.
We had a great Christmas, and we all got spoiled rotten, as usual. I swear I took more pictures but looking back this was basically all there were. :(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making cookies for Santa

The first, and hopefully, not the last time making cookies for Santa.


...the finished product, they were pretty yummy!

Christmas tree

We usually would get our Christmas decorations out Thanksgiving weekend, but we all got sick and had to wait until the next weekend. It was killing Justin to wait, so he was SO excited when
we started!

Daddy helping the kids.

Addisons new ornament, she loves horses!
Justins Triceratops... I can just leave it at that, I think that anybody reading this knows by now how much he loves dinosaurs!

The kids in front of the finished tree

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Iron Man and a Duck

Justin made an awesome Iron Man!
and Addi made an adorable Duck!
Pure Joy! I love it!

Joy with a little frustration... he's trying to open the sucker!
They were SO distracted with all their candy! And this was just one
night of trick-or-treating, we went out on Sunday too!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Carving Pumpkins!

Addison loves to say "cheese"
Justin taking a break to take a picture

This is the best picture out of like four of them!

Finished products: Josh's, Addison's, Justin's (stegosaurous), and mine.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Justin started Pre-school on August 16, (I know, I'm a little late posting). I was sooo nervous for him and I was worrying about all the little things, however I put on a pretty good face, so that he wouldn't be nervous. He did great walked right into his class room without even saying goodbye, I made him come back to give Josh and I a love, he turned right back around and went in with No problems. Mom was WAY more nervous then he was! We went to the other door to watch for a minute. Justin walked to where the other kids were grabbed a book and sat down to read, and we left. I was so anxious to pick him up, to find out how his day was, when he got in the car I asked a bunch of questions and all got out of him were ya's and uh-hu's. I asked him if he made friends and he said "ya mom, but sorry I don't know their names." I told him it was ok and that he'd learn them. I finally learned the names of the kids in his class by asking him who got their name on the board that day. I've learned that Justins little friend Cristian, who he sits with at lunch at plays with almost every day at recess, is Spanish speaking only. Its neat to think that they can play and not have a problem because they speak different languages. Anyways, he is doing great in school, his teacher says that she will start teaching him and a hand ful of other kids how to read in January. I cant believe my little boy is growing up so fast! We are so proud of him and we love him so much!
All ready for his first day of school!

Mom having a hard time letting go.
You can see that he is getting a little more nervous here, but he didn't show it. This is right outside of his classroom.
He looks a little upset in this picture because he saw me before his teacher did and took off running towards our car, she had to run and grab him, and he pointed to me and told her. So this is her, I'm sure, lecturing him not to run off.

We decided to make a tradition to take the kids to whatever restaurant they want to go to, Justin wanted McDonalds. PS Notice the UFO/ astronaut toys in the background.

Friday, September 10, 2010


We decided to go to the PBR in Roswell last month, and we had SO much fun, we will definatley go again!!

Justin in his New cowboy hat (which he loves and wears often) I just noticed that he does this cheese face in a lot of pictures!

Addi in her cute lil girlie cowgirl hat! I love this smile!

The fam minus one...I was taking the pictures, but I really was there!

One of the Bull riders, I did get a short video too, but for whatever reason I can't download it!