Thursday, August 19, 2010

Justin's Birthday

Justin turned 4!

A tidbit about Justin

Justin Brooks Olson born July 18th 2006 at 4:56 pm
He weighed 6lbs 3oz and was 19 1/2 in long
He was a fantastic first baby, very easy going!
He LOVES dinosaurs... he knows so much about them!
He is very smart and absorbs knowledge like a sponge
He just started Pre school on Monday and he is really liking it!
Right now he is enfatuated with Mario Brothers on the Wii
His Favorite color is orange and his second favorite color is green (he always has to trow that in)
His favorite person is his cousin Corbyn, however he is and always has been a mamas boy!
He is such a sweet boy and we are so Blessed to have him in our family!
We love you so much Bud!

Justin 1st Birthday

Justin's 2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday...

and 4th Birthday, such a Cheese!

He Loves dinosaurs

This is such a Justin moment, I love it! (Freckleton photography)

His Birthday cake

It was really fun to listen to the entire family singing Happy Birthday to him, I wish I would of got it on video!

Justin, Rowen, and Kaden eating Birthday cake

It was SO hard to try and keep the kids back so that we could take pictures, we would get them back and they would slowly migrate back right in front of him, Pretty funny!

Justin got lots of good stuff for his birthday: Toy Story toys, Dino decorations for his room, a learning computer, a soccer set, and much more!

...clothes?! Boring!

We opened some gifts at Grandma and Grandpas and some at home!

WE Love you Justin!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Olson Family Reunion

A heads up this is a really long post with lots of writing and lots of pictures. Josh's family has a Family reunion every 2 years, the last reunion was in Toas NM, and this year we decided to have here in good ol' Roswell NM, this way Great Grandma was able to attend. Out of 27 people in the family, 25 were there, not bad I would say! Anyways we had a lot of fun together, on Friday we all went up to Ruidoso and rode go karts and bumper boats, then we went to a place called The Flying J.... no all you Utah/ Idaho people not the gas station!! The Flying J is a western place, you can ride a horse, practice shooting a gun, look for gold, and shop in all the "town stores". They also put on a little gun show, and after words we eat dinner, which was BBQ chicken, baked beans with of course green chiles in them, biscuts, baked potato, and cake, pretty good, while you eat they have a small band that plays older western songs. We all enjoyed ourselves. Then on Saturday we all went up to Bottomless lakes, which is salt water, and swam for a few hours, went home had a BBQ of our own, and since it was Justins Birthday we opened presents and had cake (pictures to come in another post). Our next Family Reunion will be in 2012, and we are still trying to decide where it will be!

Justin driving his own go-kart on the kiddie track. He did pretty good until it started raining, he put his head down trying not to get wet and...

Crashed into the cones!

Best seats in the house!
We had just been to the bumper boats a month ago so knew that we needed extra clothes for this, but we were the only ones that knew this!

Rowan, Josh , Justin in one boat, Uncle Jeff and Gracie in the other, and the back of Ians head in the front.

They were soaked!

Justin in his dry clothes with Rowan and Hannah

Kason, Great Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Doug and Grandma watching the Bumper Boats

The Flying J
Justin had fun but was so not happy that Addi was in the front so out of the several pictures that I took of them these are the best 2. Addi loved it however, she was smiling the whole time!

The Sheriff trying to talk to these 2 wanted men into surrendering, didn't end well! :)

One table of the family eating dinner

Our little Family

Bottomless Lakes
Addi waiting to play in the water!
Justin waiting

Some of the Family playing in the water

Uncle Jeff and Benjamin

Mandy, Hannah and Gracie soaking up the sun!
Justin and Gracie

Addi Floating

Yummmm, Sandy feet!

Aunt Tina and Addi

Justin finally getting comfortable in the water

Such a good dad/uncle, he was the only adult in the water with all these kids for a long time, Uncle Jeff soon followed!

We all had so much fun and it was so good to see everyone! Can't wait til next time!