Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nampa Fireworks show

Nampa always puts thier fireworks show on a few days before Boise does thiers. so the wednesday before the 4th, we watched it. It wasn't half bad.

Mama, Justin, and Daddy
The boys saw the fire truck and got eally excited,(i think they may have wet thier pants they were so excited) so we had to go and ask to take a look, the boys got stickers(which they loved and thought was way cool).
what a cheese
Justin, Layton, and, Dad
Justin and mama

Lucky Peak

We went to Lucky Peak last month it was about 104 degrees that day. So between us and some Friends we scrounged $4 and drove to lucky peak for the afternoon. It's a little lake at the bottom of a reservoir dam called Sandy Point, they have BBQ grills, picnic tables, volleyball courts, and other stuff there. we really enjoy going there. out in the middle they have this fountain that shoots up about 30 ft. Its about 20 min. from Boise.

Justin and Layton headed for the fountain
On second thought maybe not
Mama, Justin, and Daddy
we're diggin us a hole
The closest thing we could get to a boat on a lake.

Fathers Day

I really need to get back to this whole blog thing. Well here goes. For fathers day 2008 we hiked down to the snake river just outside of Swan Valley for a picnic and some fishing. we spent it with Jessi's Family.

Gregg, Candice, Grandmother, Papa Chuck, Nana Rana, Corbyn, Justin, Jessi, Josh
Looking up the stream that connects to the snake river

Mama and Justin
Daddy and Justin
Justin know's whats important on a hike
Even our dog Jewels had fun chasing bubbles

Just us after eating