Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Addison's Blessing

We finally had Addi's Blessing!! We decided that we would wait until we moved to have her Blessing so that some of our Family could be there. It was a Beautiful Blessing and Addi looked so precious in the dress that Grandma made her. We are so Blessed to have Addison in our Family, we all love her so much!

Justin was wanting to play... not take pictures, so this is the best we got!

Catch up pictures


The cheese
This is at the Zoo in Boise

The cheese....... again

mowing the concrete

Justin really loves to play any kind of game.


First time eating cereal. She wasn't too sure about it though.
.... but really loved the whole spoon thing.

sleeping with teddy.

Dressed up for church. isn't she adorable

Addi is rolling really well, and... um.... well this is where she likes to roll to.