Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going to the hockey game

We did a survey online a month ago and won a pair of hockey tickets so we used them last wednesday. It was a lot of fun. the boys had fun watching the zamboni machine going around the ice. we went with some friends and ended up seeing Jessi's cousin Sara there too. Here are some Pics.

The Zamboni
This grin took a great deal of work to get. he wanted to watch the game and play instead.

Justin, Layton, Josh, Linley, Brad, Jessi, and Jessi's cousin Sara. Brads wife Rachel was taking the picture. (And yes we were in the nosebleed section, its ok though-free tickets-)

Layton and Justin watching the game......sort of

for the first 20 minutes Justin wouldn't look away from the game, after that he was done.

Going to the duck pond.

This is a a pond in Boise. Its known to us as THE duck pond. the ducks and geese are very domesticated, they come up to you with no fear. Jessi and i were practically kicking them to get them away from justin. its a lot of fun. :) Jessi is doing well. she is veeerrrryyyy done being pregnant. she has about 62 days left. the baby is really pushing on her, to the point of almost hurting. the baby likes to stay in her ribs, and very near the surface of her skin. its been a lot of fun to watch. the baby is extreamley active. when we push on her she pushes back.(thats fun to watch)

Prego Jessi and Justin
Jessi wouldn't let me pet this squirrel that came with in inches of us. it was really freindly

just us

seriously no fear at all. we were more afraid than they were.

this is probably 1/4 of the ducks, geese, and sea gulls.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fun

Just Us

Jewels, our floppy eared Min Pin.

Justin helping weed the flower bed

Ahhhhhh isn't this cute

This is Justins idea of being a GIANT

His cheese