Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 Holidays rolled into 1 Post

Valentines Day
For Valentines Day, we just all hung out together made cookies exchanged gifts, then we all went out to eat at Chilis (the only decent restaurant in Roswell I might add!). Then we took the kids to Grandma & Grandpas while Josh and I went to a movie. I love Valentines Day!! It probably is one of my favorite holidays, and what a perfect way to spend it!

Decorating the cookies

Enjoying the cookies!
And boy did she ever! I really was only going to let her have a bite or two, but before I even realized it, she had eaten it all!!!

Me and my boy!

Daddy & his girl!

St. Patricks Day
Since we're not Irish, and we don't drink, really the only way to celebrate St. Patties day is to wear the green and pinch anyone who is not wearing green! Which by the way Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa all got pinched! I did have to explain to Justin that only today he can pinch people when they're not wearing green! :)


Since General Confrence fell on Easter this year, we listened while painting eggs.
Justin loves painting eggs!

She was infatuated with it, and of course imediatley put it in her mouth and so she had purple dye all around her it!

Addi got a little grumpy, while painting eggs, so she had to take a nap.

The finished products! I have to brag a little bit too, Justin spelled his name by himself on his egg!

Easter morning we got up went through baskets, listened to morning session of Conference while eating our bunny shaped pancakes (thanks to Daddy)! It was a gorgeous day so we took advantage of it and walked to Grandma & Grandpas house to find eggs and listen to the last session.
Addi loves stuffed animals and she lights up and gets the biggest smile when she sees them, so we couldn't resist getting this way too big chick.

Justin got all kinds of stuff: cars, stickers, bubbles, cards, and of course dinosaurs; and for his big gift he got two sets to go along with his race track.

Addi and her princess ball, I'm so excited for all of the princess stuff!!

Justin and daddy setting up his track... sometimes I think that Josh has more fun with it than Justin does! :)

Justin finding an egg!

Addi finding her eggs!

It was soooo bright outside, this was the best picture that I got of the two of them.