Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jessi's Pregnant

Well we just wanted to let everyone know that we are expecting. We've known for some time now, but she is about 12 weeks along. We went in on thursday to have an ulrasound, and everything is going great. the baby is very active, tossing and spinning like mad.(its awsome) we'll find out what it is January 15th and the due date is May 30th. we are very excited for justin to have a little brother or sister. when we asked him if he wanted one, he replyed "no thanks", but lately we think he is warming up to the idea of having a playmate.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cowboy Up

For this holloween, justin was a cowboy if you havn't allready guessed. at first he didn't really want to be one cause we got this horse for him to ware, but he was so scared of putting a horse on that that got knocked out real fast. so he was content with just being a cowboy.

Hey ya little lady!

Draw!!!!(he's holding a pistol)

see i'm a nice cowboy

I love this devilish grin

this is his serious pose

Waz up

here's the candy(fruit) of his labor


Decorateing pumpkin and making candy

Monday Justin got to decorate his own pumpkin this year. he is not big enough to use a knife yet but he wanted to do it on his own, so he used marker and stickers to decorate it. it actually turned out kinda cute. then after words mama, daddy, and justin made assorted shapes of chocolate candy. this was also the night that justin was up all night upchuckin from a stomach bug. not a good start to the week, but it turned out good after all.

Coloring with markers.

the finished product

Helping mama make candy

(hum de dum de dum.)

(must be slow and quiet, they'll never know, hehehe)

(hehehehehehe i got it, i'm so sneaky)