Monday, June 9, 2008

Olson Family Together At Last

Last week we got to go down to Angel Fire New Mexico for and Olson family reunion. we had a lot of fun. some of us went Whitewater Rafting, some went hikeing, some horseback riding, and all of us enjoyed each others company. it was really good to see the whole family. here are some pics of the trip.

Getting redy for to go rafting down the Rio Grande

Looking back at the other raft
Josh, Jessi, Kason, Doug, Dawn, Jeff, Mandy, Mike, Grampa Olson, and our guide in the front

Family photo

The Rio Grande Gorge( not far from where we rafted.)
Jeff, Jessi, Kaden with th Wii

Kandi, Mandy, Hannah, Gandma Olson, and Tina
The Lodge we stayed at.
Most of the grandkids watching a movie
Gracie with the Hamster. (she loves animals.)
Justin and his cousin Rowen. they were best buds by the time we left. also the two youngest.


Amanda said...

that looks like fun! FAmily is great isn't it. Thanks for coming over last weekend and thanks for all your help! It was great to see you guys.

Starla said...

How fun! I love big family get togethers I am glad you guys had fun. I will be in Ririe/Rexburg the end of this month, let me know if you will be up too. Hope all is well!

Ramirez Family said...

It's so fun to see your family, since I knew four of you. It looks like everyone is doing well. Thanks for sharing! -Amanda

Sara Adams said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Good times.

Jeff, Mandy and Kids! said...

I love it! You have to email me these pics so I can put em up on mine too! :) Love you sis!