Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rash Or Chicken Pox

Well we had an interesting week, Justin had been sick with diarrhea for a week. Then he threw up, then on Monday night we noticed some red spots developing on his neck and back. They began to spread. Was it chicken pox? Was it measels? Was it a rash? We had no idea, so we began calling, We called family and friends to see if they would know. then we called the doctors office to see if we could get him in. We got him in on Tuesday to see the doctor. He said that it was a reaction to the MMR vaccine he had recieved two week prior, and that the spots would go away in two to three days. By the second day they were all gone. Yeah!!!
Jewels chasing Justin
This is Justins drawer.
And he's getting to big to get in. it. Justin falling a sleep in a box at a friends house. All Better and back to normal.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We keep getting snow..... Yea!!!!

Our Backyard......
Looking down the street
Justin Mopping the floor

Justin and Mommy
This place was packed
Talk about a nail bitting game for Justin

Well we Had an intersting morning. we got a phone call at 8:20am from our hometeachers telling us that church was cancelled "BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER". We laughed pretty hard. so we went and look outside, and well we had about 8 inches of snow, and up to 2 foot snow drifts. Overall in the last 2 weeks we've gotten about 2ft total snow fall. Last night we went to the BSU basketball game were Justin had a blast. We usually sit by the band, and he loves to watch the game and dance to the music from the band. He kept saying "lets go" and "Ball, Ball", then when the mascott would come by he would say "Horsey" and makes the "niegh" sound. We had a lot of fun.